Sits in the water beautifully, great for paddlers up to 80kg Super fast upwind, downwinds like a dream, connect bumps effortlessly

“The Velocity is the result of collaboration of ideas and concepts for the demand for dugouts in the current race board market. The simple outline, rocker and bottom shape are all designed for flow. From the noes entry to the tail exit, the rails ensure smooth clean lines. The combination of even flow rails, concave and a low sunken deck give this board incredible stability whilst maintaining glide.

The team at DEEP have worked hard to develop just the right amount of nose volume to ‘pop’ in and out of troughs making the board easier to handle. The Velocity’s carbon construction produces a lightweight yet strong combination.

From a distance it may look to be just another eye catching DEEP race board, but up close you’ll notice the finer details that make the PRO RACE TECH our most premium construction initiative to date. We’ve added a new lightweight, extra stiff carbon to our tried and tested sandwich layering. The deck layup will continue to have our two- tone rub backed iconic colours, while the bottom will utilise a single layer rub back. This allows for precious weight saving and also shows off the heart of the Pro Race Tech. All models will include multiple reinforced strap mounting positions and a new FCS deck mount for secure mounting of your GPS or paddle tracker.”

Sad to see it go but am upgrading my boards. Grab yourself a bargain!

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